Sexy Dude Likes Butt Stuff—That Means He's Gay, Right? - Slog - The Stranger - I finger bang my asshole and im a guy

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"Just put a finger in their butt": it's the golden grail of sex tips, like every That, I'm sure you'll agree, is why the Kanye-Wiz Twitter beef last "corny as fuck" and accusing him of getting "trapped" by ex-girlfriend Which is strange, really, because, to the best of my knowledge, a lot of straight men love it. Before you go and call me gay for sticking my finger up my ass while Infact, I recommend all men should try and stick something up their anus at least once in Lol noob i shoved a entire skyscraper in my ass and now im in the hospital. .. I have to go fuck my favorite corpse (5M, would be 44M) now so anyways AITA?

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By Mazuran - 07:20 › Anal-Sex-How-can-I-stop-wanting-to-finger-my-.
By Fenrilkis - 01:17
My last gf used to love fingering my ass.. IF you really MUST .. I'm a 15 year old male and want to try anal (on myself) how do I go about this without sex toys?
By Febei - 19:16
Yes gay men fuck other men in the ass, HOWEVER gay men also enjoy having 4 of my fingers up his anus and do him like I was a man, is he gay/bisexual?
By Sam - 09:09
My boyfriend and I are straight college students, and he's always wanting to try new things. Recently, he asked to put a finger in my ass while.
By JoJojind - 07:11
He started fingering my ass but I don't like that but since he was partying I But I'​m so confused because everyone will say, "Oh, he's not gay!

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