Sexing Rats: Is This Rat a Boy or a Girl? - RattyRat - JoinRats - How to tell sex of rat

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The males have obvious genitalia; the females do not. Look at the underside of your. It isn't common practice to get pet rats neutered or spayed, apart from medical emergencies. The risks outweigh the benefits, the relative costs are strictly.

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By Vimuro - 18:28
Here are a few sharp photographs on the sex of baby rats. Careful: Separate baby boy and girl rats from each other, and the boys from their mother, by age 5.
By Yozshukazahn - 05:23
If your female rat has just given birth to a litter, it can be heartwarming to see her If there is no immediate urgency for you to determine the sex, wait for a few.
By Muktilar - 11:30
To sex and determine the reproductive status of mice and rats. Sexing. Sexing mice and rats usually relies on differences in the genitalia between sexes.
By Kitilar - 01:46
When acquiring a new pet rat, be it from a breeder or a pet shop, the person from whom you purchase your furry new edition should be able to tell you which sex.
By Zulugor - 09:03
If you intend to keep more than one rat in the same cage, it's important to determine their gender. Here are some easy ways to figure it out!

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